I'm Andrew Walsh, and this site pulls together some of the things I do outside of my "normal" work at the University of Huddersfield, relating to innovative practice within libraries, including my writing, delivering Keynote speeches, workshops and consultancy.

I've now gone part-time in my "day" job at Huddersfield, so have more time to dedicate to these projects.

Together with Gary Green from Voices for the Library, we ran a Kickstarter to create a visual A-Z of libraries and a range of advocacy materials for public libraries. There is a book available and a range of other materials that are free to download and re-use from the dedicated website.

I've set up a low cost publisher for professional development books for LIS professionals and students which will publish a small number of books a year.

I'm currently running workshops on making games for libraries and can run these at your own institution as well as organising my own. I've made games for teaching information skills, SEEK! and Sources, and would like to create more in future. Along similar lines, I've also got new workshop on creative information literacy teaching - full details on the booking page for the first (past) session. I've recently been running sessions on using Lego in teaching too - both within libraries and without.

One of my more recent obsessions is whether we can use ideas from escape rooms to teach in a more playful way, and I've been blogging my progress with escape room teaching as I've developed an escape room induction thanks to winning the Lagadothon at LILAC in Dublin, 2016.

I'm available to talk worldwide (some key conference presentations / papers are on my repository page) and can cover topics such as information literacy, mobile technology and libraries, innovation in libraries, games based learning, active learning and more.

Collaborating with Emma Coonan, I've edited a book on Information Discovery Journeys, which we've published as a free e-book under a Creative Commons licence, with a print option (ISBN 978-0957665217) also available. It is available worldwide via Lulu.com, all the "normal" places and now on here!

Seeing as I mentioned my other books, I'd better mention my mobile technologies one! Designed to be easy to read and as jargon free as possible, Using Mobile Technology to Deliver Library Services is published by Facet.


Along with 3 other innovative UK librarians, I organised I2C2 - the Innovation, Inspiration and Creativity Conference which was held in Manchester, UK in March 2014 which was rated as good (27%) or excellent (73%) by all attendees. I'm currently starting to organise another i2c2 for November 2017.

See the links on the right hand side for more details of current and past projects!


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